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About the program

Get a boost from Pébéo's Supporting Artists on the Web (S.A.W.) program. Our contributions include free products, promotions for your subscribers and more opportunities for north-american artists.
General Rules
The value of the contribution attributed through this program is personalized for each recipient according to Pébéo's pre-determined selection criteria, at Pébéo's discretion. Pébéo retains the right to refuse an admission that does not meet its selection criteria.
The recipient may receive a contribution from the program only once in the current year. The recipient must identify Pébéo with the appropriate hashtags. Pébéo will provide a complete list of hashtags that need to be used. The recipient must create and publish at least five dedicated posts on social media in the current year. The @Pebeo handle should be used for Instagram and @Pebeopaints for Facebook at least once as well. 
If the created content is shared with Pébéo, the copyright of the work will remain with the recipient, however, Pébéo has the right to use the provided content on social media and on various publications, at Pébéo's discretion, while crediting the recipient where necessary.
Pébéo will revaluate the recipient’s profile with each new contribution request. It is therefore possible that Pébéo’s level of contribution for the same artist differ from year to year. For the subsequent years many criteria will be considered, including but not limited to:
  • The recipient level of engagement towards Pébéo
  • The frequency and performance of each post
  • Social media growth of the recipient social media handles
  • Depth and accuracy of Pébéo’s products knowledge
Thank you for your interest!

Applications for the 2022 Supporting Artists on the Web (S.A.W.) program are now closed. Please check back shortly for our 2023 application period.